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Jaxon Recording Studio and Jaxon Records is owned by Partners Jimmy Exum, a Jackson native and Larry Rogers, from nearby Savannah.

Jackson has a music enriched history of success, and has been called home by entertainers like:


CARL PERKINS, the King of Rockabilly, and a member of THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME, wrote BLUE SUEDE SHOES, MATCHBOX, and so many others. His songs were recorded by THE BEATLES, JIMI HENDRIX, JOHNNY CASH, ERIC CLAPTON, and ELVIS. PAUL MCCARTNEY claimed that “if there were no Carl Perkins, there would be no Beatles.”


SCOTTY MOORE - Born in Gadsden, Tn 15 miles from Jackson, and a member of THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME, and guitarist for ELVIS from 1954 to 1968.


DENISE LASALLE- Jackson was home of the late blues singer, who was called, Queen Of The Blues.


BIG MAYBELLE - A jazz and gospel GRAMMY winning artist, born in Jackson in 1924, and the recorded the hit song, WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN’ GOIN ON in 1955, two years prior to the hit record by JERRY LEE LEWIS.


TINA TURNER - A 12 time GRAMMY winner, and known as “ TheQueen Of Rock And Roll”. Tina was born in 1939 in Nutbush, Tennessee, 15 miles from Jackson.


CARL MANN - A member of THE ROCKABILLY HALL OF FAME, Carl was born in Huntingdon, Tn 35 miles from Jackson. In 1959 Carl’s SUN RECORDS recording of the NAT KING COLE classic, MONA LISA, danced its way up the Billboard Top 100 Charts to # 25.


W S HOLLAND - Born in Saltilo, Tn 38 miles from Jackson, W S played drums for JOHNNY CASH, as he was a member of THE TENNESSEE THREE. W S also played drums for CARL PERKINS and CARL MANN. In 2018, Holland was honored with the "Lifetime Achievement" award during the annual Tennessee Music Awards event at the University of Memphis, Lambuth campus, in Jackson, Tennessee.


WINK MARTINDALE - the legendary “Rock n Roll” Disc Jockey, game show host and TV personality, who was instrumental as a disc jockey in the beginning of the Rock and Roll craze that swept the nation in the mid-50s. WINK started his career as a disc jockey at age 17 at WPLI in Jackson, before moving to to stations like WHBQ in Memphis, and KHJ in Los Angeles.


Jaxon Records also pays homage to a record label operating in the city in the 1950s, and its owners want the world to continue to feel the “Jackson Vibe.”


JIMMY EXUM - Jimmy was born in Jackson, attended Jackson High School, as well as Lambuth University. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of First Bank, The Carnegie Museum, and is Chairman of the Board of Jackson Amphitheater. He is also past President and Producer

of the Miss Tennessee Pageant. In 1969 he founded Arlue Recording Studio, and operated the business until 1974 when he sold it to Carl Perkins…

rayburn anthony.jpg

LARRY ROGERS - Larry has a Bachelor of Music Education degree from THE University of Mississippi, and prides himself in his ability to recognize talented people at a very early stage in their career. He began his music career in the late 60s, when he built LYN-LOU Recording Studio which became a successful recording home for both artists and songwriters. The small Memphis studio saw pop artists Rick Nelson, Tony Joe White, rockabilly singers Billy Swan, Jerry Jaye, blues artists James Carr, Marcia Ball, Bill Black’s Combo, jazz artist Brother Jack McDuff, and country artists Mel McDaniel, Charly McClain, Shylo, and Mark Collie, coming to record.

In the early 80’s, Larry moved to Nashville, where he worked as an engineer under legendary producer Jerry Kennedy at Mercury Recording Studio.  He then moved on to CBS to work for one of the most extraordinary country music producers of all time, Billy Sherrill.  In 1985 Larry bought, with partner, Pat Brewer, Studio 19.  The success of Studio 19 led to the adjacent property purchase, and the opening of Studio 20, which led to yet another studio partnership with grammy award winning engineer John Kelton.  In 2012, he partnered with Jimmy Exum to build Jaxon Recoding Studio in Jackson, Tennessee.

Larry also founded Partner and Partnership Music, two highly successful music publishing companies, whose songwriter roster included, Jerry Hayes who penned (Who’s Cheatin Who) and (Rolling With The  Flow), Ronny Scaife, (The Whiskey Ain’t Working) and (Hearts Are Gonna Roll), Steve Bogard, (Praying For Daylight), Mark Collie (Even The Man In The Moon Is Crying), and Don Singleton (Fool For Your Love).  In the mid 90s, He sold these two companies to Polygram Music.

During his career Larry has produced artists for Epic, Columbia, Capitol, Liberty, Blue Note, Stax, HI, Scepter, Wand, Mercury, MGM, Bear Family, and Warner Brothers Records.

RAYBURN ANTHONY - Originally, there was a 3rd partner in the ownership of Jackson Recording Studio, the late Sun Records artist, Rayburn Anthony.

Jaxon Records Studio

215 W Lafayette St, Jackson, TN 38301

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